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Best methods on how to attract a man

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how to attract a man

If you are reading this article, and it’s your fist time of coming to our blog; then you must be searching on how to attract a man. In today’s topic I will be treating in details the two best methods on  to attract a man.

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Below are the method I promised you.

  1. how to attract a man physically?
  2. how to attract a man emotionally?

How to attract a man physically?

There are things men look out in a woman, and for you to be able to attract the type of man you like or crave for, then you must have those quality of things the men want in a woman, as men varies so what they want in a woman varies but there are things in general that all are attracted to in a woman and there are

  1. Composition: This is the ability of a woman to comport yourself and maintain some certain maturity, the average of maturity you display in front of a man will determine how he approach you and talk to you, if you lack these compositions then you are losing your goal in attracting the man of your choice. This Composition will guide you to understand what steps to take when talking to the man you wish to attract.
  2. Dressing & Appearance: yes!! Dressing plays a good role when it comes to physical look of a lady, a popular saying and I quote ”YOU ARE ADDRESS THE WAY YOU DRESS” different men has different taste when it comes to a ladies dressing. So is left to you know what he wants when it comes to dressing and Appearance. This will place you at the top advantage in attracting your kind of man because he sees what his attracted to in you. So dress and appear nice in order to look attractive.
  • Behavior: If you have a good composition and have a good dressing attitude and your behavior is not good then is as well as doing nothing. Men has this in the DNA to ask around how a lady behaves because no man would love to date non behaved woman.

So having these three characteristic is a good one to attract a man physically; if you lack any of these then you are not going to look attractive

How to attract a man emotionally?

Now you have archive the lesson 1 “The physical method on attracting a man. Now lets move to the next level “The emotional method”.

If you can get this right, then you are one step closer to the man of your dream. As mentioned in lesson 1 “Men are different” so in this method am going to list the methods that work general for all men

  1. Look into his eyes while talking: This might sound awkward but it works, for some shy men it works like magic but for some it an avenue for flirt. So it always good to pick point your reason of using this method. Looking into a man eyes pass message to his brain, men are created to be attracted with what they see; so looking straight to his eyes will pass a message to his brain that yes she’s paying attention to me and besides I might get a change to tell her my intentions, and for the woman looking at his eyes will help you know what next steps to take, because messages can be passed through eye contact. So pay close attention to these messages.
  2. Ask questions:  So many relationship advisers give this tips out to their client because it works. Most men don’t like talking without getting response I don’t mean response like OKEY, GOOD, THAT’S NICE. All these response are called cold response. When you respond in this manner the conversation tends to end in no distant time. And the man will lose interest talking to you, but when you ask questions during a conversation or chat it tells him that “YES!! Am making sense” and am not alone, it gives men a sense of belonging, you might not know if he is interesting in you. But by asking questions you have pushed him to ask you that question. You can also spice us the conversation with laughter it does help.
  • Touching him in a romantic way: please I advices you know when and how to use this method, because it can pass a lot of message to his brain. So what does touching signifies it means that you are romantically attached to him and you pay close attention to his romances nature of the man. Doing this pass a strong message to his brain. But make sure that you too has known each other for quite some time, because it might turn him down, and make him lose interest in you completely. You need to touch with sense of reasoning and humor.


Conclusion: learning how to attract a man with this  methods listed above has proven to work for some women, but I strongly recommend you first of all understand the type of man you are interested in, and also know what he likes and hate, with this you can be able to use this methods on him and watch it work the magic for you. And ask you the question you have always wanted him to ask

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