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What do you do when a man has commitment issues?

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What do you do when a man has commitment issues

Before we go further to What do you do when a man has commitment issues, I would like to talk about reasons why men are afraid of commitment I will be pointing out what to do along the line, with this reasons you can know what to do in case you find these reasons in any man.

I would encourage you to read what makes a man happy in a relationship, this will help you solve some problem with commitment in men.

The reasons why men are afraid of commitment are: 

What do you do when a man has commitment issues, is pointed below each reasons;

  1. Past relationship or heart break: must men are afraid of commitment because of their last relationship experience that lead to heart break, most men find it so difficult to let go when they are heartbroken from their last relationships especially when they were committed to grow the relationship but along the line it didn’t work out as they expected, so they are afraid to commit to another relationship.

What should I do in this case:  The only thing I recommend you do when you find out that his commitment issues were due to past relationship or heart break is to make him feel secure and loved, most men after heart breaks find it difficult to rebuild the love security and love life because they believe that all girls are the same, so I encourage you should help him rebuild his security around women and give him reasons to love again

  1. No freedom: Most men believe in monopoly relationships, they feel staying with one woman is lack of freedom so they tend to shy away from the responsibility of commitment, these type of men are the once that believed in flirting around with the opposite sex, so they hardly commit to any relationship

What you should do I this case: These is going to take a gradual process because it involves chancing his mid set and whatever he believed in no freedom, the only method that I suggest you should use is try making him your best friend, give him the freedom and chance to flirt with you try to accommodate him and be his close friend. Don’t make such man fell his in prison because his with you, because when a man fell his not getting his freedom because his with you the changes of him not committing is low so give him the freedom he needs and still how him the affection of love and care he needs, there are things you need to do in other to make him your secret obsession [click here] to watch the free video presentation

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  1. Fear of loyalty to one girl: This is the same as no freedom but a slight different, men has the phobia of being loyal to one girl so they are always on the run to commit to such relationship, they keep female flocks around, when you ask he says “Just a friend” but in the other hand they are running away from commitment responsibilities, you may ask why men fear loyalty, it’s simple they don’t want to be controlled as they think, most men think that loyalty for a woman is being controlled by the same woman.

What should you do in the case:   don’t give him the sense of reasoning that being loyal to you means being controlled by you, the only best way is to be his best friend, don’t hide things from him, be open and try to win his heart by understanding the secret to male attraction. With this you can be able to set his mind set to the right part of commitment.

  1. Lack of trust: Trust is earned to gained, most men only find it so difficult to trust either because they have been hurt in the past, so they find it difficult to trust any lady with their heart.

What should I do in this case:  earn his trust by showing him you love and care for him, you can do this by steady texting, calling and showing him reasons why he should trust you, also make chance from your busy schedules to visit him in work place, why should I visit him you may ask, men has this mindset that if a girl loves him she must make time for him by doing so you build the trust in him visiting him at work place tells him that his the only one you think about and care for.

Countinue reading What do you do when a man has commitment issues

  1. Maturity: when it comes to security, commitment and relationship growth women are more matured in mind than men, so don’t be embarrassed that your man find it difficult to commit, the simply reason here is because they think is a waste of time to commit. They believe that a lady loyalty can’t be trusted so they don’t mind to build the commitment.

What should I do in this case: carry him along in terms of maturity level, prove to him that you are his and his not in any competition with any man. When a man is rest assured that you think about him and his not in a competition with other he tends to grow with you and trust you.

  1. Fear of love: even you as a lady most times fear love. Nobody wants to get hurt for loving someone no doubt that his running away from commitment because his afraid to fall in love with you, is a natural phenomenon for human to be afraid of love because no one wants to have a heart break.

A friend of mine who’s girlfriend got married 2 weeks after they fought asked me, was she seeing that guy (recent husband) even when they were dating? I couldn’t give any answer to this question because I never had the opportunity to meet the woman in question. Now his trying to find love with a new woman but his in doubt that the same thing might happen to him again.

I referred to this short story to make you understand what fear of love can do to a man.

What should I do in this case:  if you are not planning to settle down (get married) soon is okay to tell him that you are his for the time being. Give him reasons not to fear to love you also stop some questionable actions when you are with him, men are most time insecure with themselves when it comes to love and commitment try as possible as you can to be open to him don’t give him the sign that you are seeing any other person, try to have fun with him by doing so you are opening him to love again.

  1. Family background: some men came from family where the woman (mother/wife) oversees the activities of the man(father/husband) they grew up with this feeling that all women have such in their character, because they have seen such happen time without number.


What should I do in this case: its simple show him your true self. Most women make the mistake of hiding their true identity/self from a man because they believe that a man shouldn’t know all your activates, if you noticed that your man has this background issue try as much as you can to be open to him, by doing so you are telling him there’s no reason to be afraid; that he has a poor lovely background does not mean he will have a poor love life.

  1. Relating commitment to financial sustenance: most men thinks that commitment to a relationship is all about spending. 65% of average men below 45 years thinks that commitment is all about spending cash on a lady, so they shy away with the excuse of not loving you or having money to spend.

What should I do: all you need is to be independent, men love women who are independent and can provide and carter for themselves, being independent does not mean you shouldn’t ask him for support. But you are able to provide for yourself at least 75% of what you need.

CONCLUSION: What do you do when a man has commitment issues; you should have it in mind that commitment is not forever and not all men are ready to commit to a relationship, making him more comfortable around you will help him develop the commitment nature in him, lastly don’t mount pressure on him and give him time to rethink if he really wants to commit. now that you have seen  What do you do when a man has commitment issues, i strongly believe with this free tips you can now know why his not ready to commit, so give him time things will turn around surely.

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