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What makes a man commit and fall in love

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What makes a man commit and fall in love

Making a man commit and fall in love at the same time might be a difficult thing for some lady but to others is just a normal thing to do. In this article I will be focusing on what makes a man commit and fall in love.

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Making a man to be committed and fall in love takes a lot of time and effort to accomplish, but in this article you will see the best methods used by other women to keep their man committee and fall in love.

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What makes a man commit and fall in love included:

  1. Have different qualities: any lady with multiple character or behavior tends to keep any man committed, having different qualities as a woman adds so many values to you love and relationship life. Study has proven that men likes to be with a lady who displays a lot of attributes because men would like to stay around with her in other to find out more about the lady in question. Doing this will trigger the commitment and love in him. So having different qualities as a woman will make him attracted to you and also be committed to you because he cant get enough of you, unlike other ladies how either don’t show their man the different qualities they have, they only show him one or two making the man fell tired already. Having different qualities as a lady will help your man stay around you, And always wanting to know more about his woman
  2. Be emotional:  your emotion as a woman has more power that you can imagine . using your emotional powers as a woman can turn a man away from you or better still make them stay . this happens depending on how you express yourself.

The most important thing you should know as a woman who is most attractive to a man is simply the maturity displayed on emotional communication level. Most time she wont act like a girl or act serious towards a serious situation this kind of woman do go after a man, rather they balance their emotion by creating a middle ground for the perfect man.

  1. Be honest: men tends to fall in love with women who are open about their feelings .they cant help it if they see a woman who is not shy to open up and give him the permission to know whats going on inside or around her head.

Even when they are afraid or scared of opening up ,they do open up because that the only way to show a man how they fell and what they think about them.

It often happen that these days most people, woman keep things to themselves. They believe that opening up to people can give room to hurting them. This happens when a woman refuses to open up they end up rejecting the man they would have been dating due to keeping things to themself which is understandable. If a woman is not honest about herself their are chances that the the man wont take care of her and at the end he leaves.

  1. Give him space and freedom. Being in a committed relationship doesn’t give you the right to make decisions for the both of you. Giving him space and freedom is the only way to make him fall in love and commit, Men function like that, unlike women.

When women get hurt they always seek emotional support from someone but when a man get hurts he will close up and try to find a way out his own way. That’s why you need to give him space and freedom when he gets back from work and feel irritated.

  1. Independent woman: for you to be able to make a man commit and fall in love you should also learn how to be independent, independent in such a way that you don’t disturb him with things on a normal ground that you can deal with them. An independent woman is a woman who knows how to be themselves, let be clear men likes to be needed, but it has to stop at some point.

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