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What makes a man happy in a Relationship?

by admin
make a man happy in a relationship

There are many things that can make a man happy in a relationship, but is left for you to identify them and then apply them.

Different men have reason why they are in any relationship they might be to have fun, to change their relationship status on Facebook or other social media.

What am going to share with you is the simple secrets on what makes a man happy in a relationship.

They include

  1. Appreciate him:  Some women have these believe that is the responsibilities of a man to take care of their needs so they fail to appreciate their man no matter what he does to provides or make her happy; appreciation has proven to be the golden key to every relationships like mother to child or even husband to wife, if you affricate him for what his doing no matter how little they are his happy and will be moved to do more, because they make you happy, and seeing you happy makes your man happy too. No matter how little he does Appreciate him
  2. Be sexy or hot for him: men are moved with what they see, and begin sexy and hot is part of the things he sees in you. Nothing makes a man more happier to see his woman hot and sexy, any man who is sexual and emotionally happy tends to be happy with the relationship because nothing is lacking especially the sexual aspect.
  3. Support Him: In relationships is not only the ladies needs support, even the men do; supporting you man comes in several ways such as advice,emotional support and most times financial support (Men go broke most time) giving him that financial when needed will always trigger a sense of commitment and believe in him there by making him happy with you, nothing makes man happier than seeing his woman being supportive in his life and that’s what you (the lady) is meant to be doing.

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  1. Buy him gift: so many writers has written on this “Buy you man a gift”relationships are not meant to be one sided when it comes to gift and percents; with my own little knowledge men likes gift more than the ladies and they also value those gifts, the little things you over look are the most important things you should be doing in your relationship if you want him to be happy, am not saying that getting him a gift is the only way to make a man happy in a relationship, but its one among the list. The little change you get try to buy him a gift. Getting him a gift is also part of appreciating him.
  2. Encourage him: The first thing that you might ask is “How should I encourage him?” there are many ways you can encourage him are show him that you are interested in his work, know matter what type of work your man does you should show some interest by asking him how his work went, if there was any challenges at work that day, show concern and care by asking him things about his wok. You can also encourage him by showing his some respect, you can take his side and finally be your man standing board, by doing these you are gradually making him happy with you and the relationship
  3. Don’t pick Fight with him: No man would love to stay with a woman who loves to fight or the drama queen, most ladies have the mind set that every relationship that don’t engaged in fight or quarrel are not fun relationship, if you are among those women please change your mindset. Men finds peace of mind with women who are calm and understanding, picking up a fight with you man is not an idea thing to do when you think his misunderstanding you or when you fell his not on your side for any reason, if you continue picking fight with him without any reason he will one day loss respect for you and when he does that the relationship is about to end. So know matter what happen keep your cool.
  4. Compromise: why should I compromise? You may ask. There are some certain occasions you have to compromise (stand with his opinion) no matter the situation to compromise does not mean you should lie or cover up for him, compromise in relationship are when you two has to be on the same side in order to get or escape something. Good compromise makes you grow as a team to build consistency, security and accountability in your relationship. Compromising shows that you two have a common goal a healthy partnership, rather than having your own single and straight happiness at heart. Remember compromising doesn’t make you a bad person
  5. Respect his mood: Learn to understand that there are time for everything, most men have mood swings and the ability for you to understand these mood swings and respect him the healthier your relationship. You can respect his mood by being quiet when needed, listening when he speaks, give him your full  attention when needed, by doing this you will find out that some certain characters he shows when in a bad or sad mood will drop because you respect the mood and also the time he takes to recover from any bad mood will increase.
  6. Have fun with him: Don’t be too lazy to play and have fun with your man, if you don’t do the necessary there are other women out there to make him happy by having fun and playing with him, it is always necessary you have fun with him, having fun with you man gives way for more love and time for each other, by having fun with him his free to tell you what is troubling or disturbing him then you can know how to offer a solution to his problems. Noting makes a man happy than a woman who listens and offer solution to problems.
  7. Tell him how much you love him: it shouldn’t be only him can show how much he loves you, you too can do more better than him. There are so many ways you can show him how much you love him, tell him words like “when I think of you it makes me smile” “I feel special when am around you” “am so lucky to have you in my life”, doing this things will be a reminder to him that you care and love him which will make him happy.

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CONCLUSION:  What makes a man happy in a Relationship shouldn’t be a difficult thing to do, if you can put these 10 steps that I have outline above you will see a lot of changes in him and he will not only be happy but he will love you the more, these steps works but you need to give them time and also work on yourself before they work for you.

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