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HEY!!! you are reading this article because your marriage or relationship is at the edge of separation or probable divorce, if yes read till the end of the paragraph, because I will be giving you a free books by James Bauer that will help you save your relationship, According to eurostat; 2.2 millions marriage and almost 1 million divorce in the EU only in 2016, and the statistics keep increasing.
You are on this page because you wouldn’t want to loose him to another woman whom you are better off in all ramification.
Before I move on to the next paragraph where I will be listing things you should do in other to safe your relationship, firstly I would love to open your mind to one of the things you do that will make him loose interest in you or the relationship, most times this action is caused by you and probably you neglect it.
Here’s what you neglect that’s essential in every relationship.
You Stopped Paying Attention to Your Relationship With Him
Unlike women, men needs attention from the woman his dating or he’s being married to. Paying less or no attention to him gives room for others who knows the value and importance of attention to men, they feed on your UN-seriousness when it comes to paying attention to your man.
The Possible effects when you stop paying attention to your man:

  • You fail to understand his attraction trigger
  • The momentum in your relationship drops to zero
  • You give him reasons for him notto be ready for the relationship

When a woman pays less attention in relationship, then man thinks their partner no longer understand what triggers him and when you don’t trigger him the momentum dies, then the feeling of not being ready for relationship steps in, at this final stage he will begin to fall out of love with you naturally, he will start to look for another lady who can give him what he can’t find in you anymore.
You may ask, what then should I do to start paying attention to my relationship in other not to loose him?
This question will lead us to the free tips and book by James Bauer that I promised at the beginning of this article.
First thing you should do is to Re-evaluate the reasons you’re together, go back to the drawing board and ask yourself why and what drew me to him at first, if you are able to answer this question it will lead you to step two.
Communication is very important in every relationship.
After you answer the question of re-evaluating then use the result to engage him in a good communication, during this communication period you will be able to understand what you’re doing wrong and how to change them. Most good men will open up while some won’t, the result you get from the communication will help you do special things for him which is the third thing, doing this will help you restore the love and momentum you two once had before everything started to fell apart.
If he is not willing to relate with you through the communication then you should apply the technic from James Bauer free report below.
A free report by James Bauer on “The secrete to understanding males attraction trigger”  and other free reports which I will be sending to you at the end of this article has helps many women like you who faced similar challenges in their relationship.
In this free report, James Bauer discovered a few relationship patterns and I will share them with you in few lines:

  1. The strangest things men desire &
  2. The three partner that unlock his passion and romantic desire

With these two discovery by James you can apply them to safe your sinking relationship TODAY!
Click on the link below to get your own copy of this free report.

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